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1. LAW: HIT and RUN, and CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE are "criminal offences" under S.252 and S.219 respectively, the Criminal Code of Canada.
2. FACT: ICBC undertakes the LIABILITY of HIT and RUN criminals and CRIMINALY NEGLIGENT drivers.
3. Over-speeding, impaired and distracted driving are CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCEs where the drivers cause a crash. Nevertheless, over-speeding, impaired or distracted driving are NOT criminal offence, where there is no crash or VICTIM; because, it is IRRATIONAL to accuse and punish a person where there is no VICTIM. Offence without any victim is an OXYMORON; therefore, it is UNLAWFUL. Yet, Law Enforcement officers do punish over-speeding, impaired and distracted drivers, by fines, seizing their drivers licence or vehicle, assuming they caused a crash and harmed someone. Obviously, assuming harm is a false charge and this service is a blatant INSANITY on behalf of the Law Enforcement officers.       
4. To make the blatant insanity, a SEVERE-INSANITY, ICBC REWARDS over-speeding, impaired and distracted drivers, if they cause a CRASH, by assuming their faults and paying their damage, under cover of "accident insurance".   
5. Furthermore, insurance lawyers protect criminally negligent drivers. Even if they kill someone, lawyers exonerate them by paying a lump sum of money to the beneficiaries of the victims or, they get about one year jail term for each person they kill, with an early parole.
6. To make the severe-insanity, EXTREME-INSANITY, ICBC uses Law Enforcement officers to FORCE the DILIGENT drivers to buy ICBC insurance and pay the damage made by the RECKLESS and CRIMINAL drivers. If diligent drivers refuse to buy the insurance product ICBC sells, the cops can seize their driver’s licences or vehicles without any trial. In a LAW abiding country, only the criminals have the POWER to sell any product under coercion for the benefit of wrong doers; until they get caught and brought to JUSTICE.
7. ICBC QUICK STATISTICS- 2017, 5 year average, TOTAL:
1. Vehicles:………………………..… 3,000,000
2. Crashes reported:.………….….. 270,000 (auto crime excluded)
3. Crashes with injury or fatality: 55,000
4. Crashes, hit and run crime:….. 49,000
5. Hit and run victims, injured:…... 2,100
6. Fatalities of all crashes:….……..…… 285
7. Fatalities caused by over speeding drivers: 89 (criminal)
8. Fatalities caused by impaired drivers:………. 66 (criminal)
9. Fatalities caused by distracted drivers:………78 (criminal)
10. Fatalities of hit and run:……………………….…… 7 (criminal)      
11. People KILLED in criminal crashes:………..240, (81% of the TOTAL)
12. People killed in accidental crashes:………… 45

1. The crash rate is extremely high, (270,000) 1 out of 5 vehicles crashes every year.
2. 240 people are killed in CRIMINAL CRASHES under the liability of ICBC. 70,000 peoples are injured and 5- 10 thousand peoples suffer for the rest of their lives.
3. 81% of the crashes are CRIMINAL CRASHES attributed to criminally negligent drivers and hit and run criminals. ICBC treats CRIMINAL CRASHES as inadvertent accidents.
4. At least, $4billion dollars is extorted from the diligent drivers to pay the cost of the 218,000 counts of CRIMINAL CRASHES. This amount is three times more than the money spend on health care in British Columbia.
There are two fundamental reasons to AVOID crashes: 1. Cost of vehicle damage, 2. Suffering from injuries. But, the PRIMARY REASON for avoiding vehicle crashes is the RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY vehicle DAMAGES; because, FIRST the vehicle gets damaged, then bodily harm may occur, if the vehicle damage is severe.
By selling compulsory insurance, ICBC removes the PRIMARY REASON for avoiding vehicle crashes; Therefore, CRASH RATE IS EXTEREMELY HIGH.
If a person is responsible for a specific action, he is responsible for the consequences of it, as well.
In LAW, the party assumes the LIABILITY of an action is also LIABLE for the CONSEQUENCES OF IT.
Since, ICBC undertakes the liability of CRIMINAL CRASHES, ICBC is liable for the fatalities caused by those crashes. Therefore, ICBC IS GUILTY FOR KILLING 240 people, due to the fact that they are killed by the criminal crashes occurred under the liability of ICBC.
Since ICBC is not above the LAW; ICBC must be brought to JUSTICE.
As a victim of potentially fatal hit and run crime, I struggled to discharge my DUTY to bring ICBC to JUSTICE for eight years. Nevertheless, the Chief Justice Hinkson dismissed my claims. Obviously, a JUSTICE who dismisses the legal actions of the victims of crime is MORE DANGEROUS OFFENDER THAN THE ACTUAL CRIMINALS. Therefore, he must be removed from his office for the protection of the PUBLIC. It is my DUTY TO INFORM THE PUBLIC. Likewise, every member of the PUBLIC has the same DUTY to share this PUBLIC NOTICE for the protection of the LAW OF THE LAND.
Please, refer to "The Report of Corruption in the Supreme Court of British Columbia", at,  or, let me know, if you notice any improper statement.
Ron Korkut
Ethics First

Justice always prevails
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