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THE OBJECTIVE OF THE WEBSITES is to PROTECT THE PUBLIC by EXPOSING the persons who abuse their POWER of AUTHORITY, by taking advantage of the SILENCE of the PUBLIC.
DUTY TO KNOW THE LAW: Every member of the Public has a NATURAL DUTY to KNOW and PROTECT the LAW. A person who does not know the FUNDAMENTALS of the LAW is bound to believe ANY RULE stated by anyone who claims to be a LAWYER. Obviously, a person who is reluctant to define and willfully perverts THE LAW cannot be A LAWYER. A person who does not know the LAW will be an easy PREY to law-SHARKS.
A LAWYER is a minister of justice, a member of an ancient, HONOURABLE and learned profession. It is a LAWYER'S DUTY to maintain the DIGNITY OF THE COURTS. We have to trust the LAWYERS. Nevertheless, we have to protect ourselves from the dishonourable lawyers. See Legal Ethics page.
THE OBJETIVE OF THE LAW IS TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS: Therefore, everyone must know their NATURAL/human rights, to PROTECT THEM.
DUTY TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS: The LAW protects our NATURAL/human RIGHTS. Nevertheless, it is a TWO-WAY street, if the people do not PROTECT THE LAW, they cannot get the protection of the LAW. Therefore, everyone has a DUTY to: 1. Bring their offenders to JUSTICE, 2. If Administration of Justice fails, INFORM and PROTECT each other. Where the people fail to PROTECT THE LAW, there is NO LAW or JUSTICE.
CORRUPTION IN THE ADMINSTRATION OF JUSTICE: If a judge PROTECTS CRIMINALS, by dismissing the legal actions of the victims of the CRIME, it is the victims' DUTY to seek JUSTICE out of the Court. That is the ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT OF THE LAW. Otherwise, the corruption in the COURTS quickly disintegrates the whole society; no one CARES and TRUSTS each other.
Please, read the Report of Corruption in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and SHARE it with the people you know.
1. Everyone has a RIGHT to LIFE and enjoy it in peace.
2. Life in suffering is NOT A LIFE; therefore, inflicting HARM and making someone suffer is tantamount to destroying LIFE.
3. The intend of the LAW is to protect human LIFE and the HUMAN RIGHTS.
4. Human RIGHTS: 1. Right to body, 2. Right to Labour, 3. Right to Natural and Public resources.
5. Everyone is EQUAL before the LAW.
6. Consent removes the RIGHTS.
7. Everyone has a DUTY to know and protect the LAW by resisting criminals.
8. Everyone has a RIGHT to a fair TRIAL by an independent and impartial tribunal.
9. Everyone has a RIGHT to be presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty, beyond reasonable doubt.
10. Silence to CRIMINALS is an aid to CRIME.
11. It is impossible to serve JUSTICE in a COURT where the Law and established FACTS are argued and perverted.
12. PRIVILEGES of special interest GANGS are against the LAW; because, No one is above the LAW.

UPDATED: February 15, 2018
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Justice always prevails
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