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1. ICBC documents  (Evidence of providing accident insurance benefits to a hit and run criminal and refusing to pay nonpecuniary damages of the victim.)
2. LAWYER REFERAL documents  (Evidence of refusing to provide legal service to a VICTIM OF CRIME in order to bring the offender to JUSTICE)
3. LAW SOCIETY documents  (Evidence of the fact that the Law Society Executive Director denied the lawyers' OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE LEGAL SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC.)
4. TIMOTHY E. McGEE CASE  (Dismissed by Justice Smith but he failed to sign his DISMISSAL ORDER.)
5. CRISHOPHER E. HINKSON CASE  (Dismissed by Justice CULLEN, but he failed to sign his DISMISSAL ORDER.)
6. AUSTIN CULLEN CASE  (Dismissed by Justice DILLON, but she failed to sign her DISMISSAL ORDER.)
7. JANICE R. DILLON CASE  (Dismissed by the Chief Justice Hinkson WITHOUT HEARING and he failed to sign his ORDER.)


Justice always prevails
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