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WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING? LIFE is a MIRACLE, a priceless GIFT of the Nature to human beings. Therefore, LIFE is the MOST important thing for us and it must be PROTECTED. Naturally, like other living organisms we have to PROTECT our own lives, that is our NATURAL DUTY. Nevertheless, it is impossible for an individual to protect his/her own life against a stronger person or a GANG of people. Therefore, LAW IS NECESSARY to protect the vulnarable people against the more powerful ones.   

WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE LAW? The LAW protects the necessities of LIFE. Obviously, what protects the necessities of LIFE is as important as LIFE. Therefore, everyone has a NATURAL DUTY to KNOW THE LAW. If a person does not know the MOST IMPORTANT THING, THE LAW, the rest is a trivia....

WHAT ARE THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE? To stay alive in the natural environment: 1. Human BODY must be protected 2. Human WORK/LABOR must be protected, 3. Access to NATURAL RESOURCES is necessary. Necessities of LIFE are the NATURAL RIGHTS of the human beings. The NATURAL RIGHTS are the HUMAN RIGHTS.

WHAT ARE THE NATURAL RIGHTS? 1. Everyone has a RIGHT to OWN his/her body, no one can touch it without the consent of the owner. 2. Everyone has a RIGHT to OWN the product of his/her own WORK/LABOR, no one can take it without the consent of the owner. 3. NATURAL RESOURCES must be shared as needed, first come first serve basis, without restricting other's access. NO ONE or NO GANG can OWN THE WHOLE NATURAL RESOURCES.  

WHO PROTECTS THE NATURAL RIGHTS? The protection of NATURAL RIGHTS is called SERVING NATURAL JUSTICE. It is the DUTY of the Adminstration of Justice to SERVE NATURAL JUSTICE. Administration of Justice is consists of: 1. Law Courts, 2. Law Enforcement, 3. Corrrection services.


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Justice always prevails
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