You are the LORDSHIP who is ENTRUSTED and empowered to supervise the Supreme Court of British Columbia; so that, the Public can seek JUSTICE in the Courts of Law. 
You are the role model for the Public to demonstrate the necessity of adhering with the rules of LAW and legal ethics. YOUR HONOURABLE STATUS cannot be associated with helping criminals by keeping their victims away from the Administration of Justice.
Your DUTY is to protect the Public against criminals; NOT to protect criminals by restricting the victims’ access to the Court Services. Therefore, your conduct is a PATENT, DELIBERATE and SERIOUS WRONG that may bring the Administration of Justice into disrepute. 
As a member of the Public, I solemnly request that you correct your WRONG, for the best interest of the Pubic, - including yourself - and, PLEASE, allow me to exercise my RIGHT and DUTY to bring my offender-in-law, ICBC, to JUSTICE.
This is the requirement of the LAW.
Ron Korkut
Ethics First