1. A RIGHT is not what someone gives you, it is what no one can take from you. 
2. A man with LAW prevails over an army of hoodlums.
3. TV content.
4. Truth and political correctness.
5. Standing up for BC Christy Clark
6. Those consenting and those perpetrating are embraced in the same punishment.
7. Corruption is a crime against the PUBLIC.
8. Monkeys are ready for corruption.
9. Corrupt justice is more dangerous than the actual criminal.
10. Criminals: 1. Actor, 2. Helper, 3, Hider
11. Duality of Law.
12. Elements of judgment: 1. Established FACTS, 2. Applicable LAW.
13. Failure of a person who has authority to prevent a crime is tantamount to committing the crime.
14. Feeling of superiority is the source of HATRED.
15. A pleasing person who ignores my wrong is not my friend.
16. Fuck  off, you cannot sue ICBC.
17. How to make LAW?
18. We are born with HUMAN DIGNITY.
19. ICBC assumes the liability of 49000 hit and run crimes.
20. Law and JUSTICE.