11. I was obliged to file a legal action against the Chief Justice, April 22, 2014
Therefore, I filed a legal action against the Chief Justice, S143080, on the grounds of breach of duty, relying on the incontrovertible evidence of it (76-82).

12. Justice Austin F. Cullen dismissed my case, June 24, 2014
John D. Waddell, the representative of the Chief Justice, filed an application and aborted my legal action, without citing any authority that relaxes the Chief Justice’s duty to pay attention to improper court procedures (83-91). Certainly, dismissing legal actions originating from a criminal offence, failure to sign court orders and exacting money from the plaintiffs, by using unsigned court orders are not proper procedures. Like, Justice Nathan Smith, Justice Austin Cullen failed to sign his dismissal order (92); because, the dismissal of the case was tantamount to declaring that: “the Chief Justice had NO obligation to supervise court services”. Obviously, an Honourable person who acts in good faith, NEVER hesitates to sign his own decision.

13. I was obliged to file a legal action against Austin F. Cullen, et al. S150231
I filed the second Notice of Civil Claim, on January 12, 2015 against Austin F. Cullen (93-101). To prevent the trial of the case,Richard S. Margetts filed a court application, scheduled on March 19, 2015 (102-108). I did not attend the hearing of the application; because, it is impossible to serve Justice in a Court where:
1. The judges disregard the substantiated FACTS and the applicable LAW,
2. The judges fail to sign their decisions in compliance with the procedural norms,
3. The lawyers willfully file court applications to abort the legal actions of the victims of crime,
4. The lawyers argue irrelevant FACTS and principles of LAW, to mislead the Court.

14. Justice Janice R. Dillon dismissed my legal action, March 19, 2015
Justice Janice R. Dillon declared me “vexatious litigant”, knowing that all the legal actions I filed were absolutely necessary for discharging my DUTY to bring my offender to JUSTICE (109-111). She restricted my right to use Court Services and, like her predecessors, she refused to sign her own order, in compliance with the procedural norms, despite my numerous requests (112-117).

15. I was obliged to file a legal action against Justice Dillon: S155390, July 2, 2015
The court registry accepted my Notice of Civil Claim (118-126); because, Justice Dillon’s order was not signed. Nevertheless, the Chief Justice, Christopher E. Hinkson issued an order stating that no person was obliged to respond to my Notice of Civil Claim (127). Again, he failed to confirm the validity of the order (128-139).