SUBSTANTIATED FACTS [See Exhibits page (#) (top left)]
1. I am a victim of potentially fatal hit and run crime perpetrated under the liability of ICBC
I am a 65 years old, electrical engineer teaching how power is controlled and used safely, at BCIT. On March 31, 2009, someone hit my car with his work-van and ran away, on the Pattullo Bridge. I lost control of my car, after three impacts, it was totally destroyed. My offender was caught and admitted his guilt. (1-3) Even though, hit and run is a criminal offence under the section 252 of the Criminal Code of Canada,(10) the RCMP did not prosecute him; because, ICBC assumed the liability of the hit and run crime. (4) ICBC paid the replacement cost of my car, on behalf of my offender; another word, “provided insurance benefits to a hit and run criminal under cover of “accident insurance benefits.”(5) Even though, it is impossible NOT TO SUFFER from a potentially fatal hit and run crime, ICBC denied my suffering and refused to pay my intangible damages. (6)

2. ICBC provides insurance to hit and run criminals and criminally negligent drivers.
Afterward, I discovered that I was NOT the only victim of such an unusual business practice. ICBC assumes the liability of 49,000 hit and run crimes that kill 8, injure and maim 2,200 innocent citizens of British Columbia, every year;(7) including the cases where the criminal offenders are identified. ICBC statistics show that criminally negligent drivers who benefit from “accident insurance” kill 172 peoples every year.(8)

3. ICBC FORCES diligent drivers to PAY all the damage hit and run criminals and criminally negligent drivers.
Selling compulsory insurance under duress is a UNLAWFUL BUSINESS practice
; because it violates the fundamental RIGHT NOT TO BUY a product. Nevertheless, ICBC blatantly sells insurance under the threat of taking driver’s licence. Obviously, if a third party is liable for the damage the drivers may cause, and protect them in the Courts, there no reason for driving MORE CAREFULLY. That is the OBVIOUS REASON for hit and run crime and driving with criminal negligence are so RAMPANT.

4. As a victim of crime, it is my DUTY is to bring my offender-in-law to JUSTICE
Since ICBC assumed the liability of the potentially fatal hit and run crime, from the point of LAW, my offender is ICBC. As a victim, I have a civic DUTY and LEGAL OBLIGATION to bring my offender-in-Law, ICBC to JUSTICE. Otherwise, it is impossible to prevent hit and run crime.(9)

5. I was not allowed to file A CRIMINAL LEGAL against ICBC, and the lawyers declined to help me.
Since criminal-case application-forms are NOT available for the Public, I needed legal advice to file a criminal legal action against ICBC. Therefore, I consulted with 10 lawyers referred by the Lawyer Referral Service. All of the 10 lawyers declined to provide me with the legal advice I needed for filing my case; although, I was willing to pay for their services.